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The 2nd AGM was held on the 28th December 2015 at the ELCT Hotel, Aerodrome Road, Bukoba at 10:00AM.


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The Bukoba Investment Group Company(BIGPlc) is a public liability company incorporated under the laws of Tanzania, whose purpose, among others, is to establish a commercial bank. The Kagera Region enjoys a strategic geographical location as it is surrounded by Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda and it is only a short trip to Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo, with Lake Victoria providing the link to most of these countries. It is also next to the regions of Kigoma, Mwanza, Mara and Shinyanga. These constitute potential markets awaiting Kagera to develop herself for export. The BIG Bank, as it will be called, is needed to provide the capital to be accessed by entrepreneurs wishing to invest in Kagera so that the economy can be made vibrant to create employment and business opportunities as well as contribute to the development of Kagera as a whole. BIG PLC has a total of 220 Shareholders.


Vision & Mission

The vision of BIG PLC is to enable the economy of Kagera to have the capacity to provide the much needed capital for the economy as a whole. This will be achieved through the establishment of a world class commercial bank that must be managed by world class qualified and experienced personnel. The mission is to establish the BIG Bank by 2019. The road to the establishment of the Bank will involve a number of investment steps that the Board of Directors will determine from time to time.

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